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7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep with an Eye Mask

Do you think of eye masks as cute sleepover accessories? Adults are the most probable buyers of today’s sophisticated sleep eyewear as eye masks are perfect for eye fatigue.

Start thinking of these masks as genuine solutions that may help you tackle some of the most prevalent sleep difficulties, rather than as accessories or amusing fads. Here’s the good news: they’re inexpensive!

Within a few nights, you’ll know whether light pouring into your room or other frequent distractions are causing your sleep issues. Even if the light doesn’t bother you while you sleep, there are still reasons to wear a mask.
eye mask for eye fatigue

Why Wearing Eye Masks Are Beneficial

They increase the quality of your sleep

The main reason why those experts believe you need darkness to sleep well is evolutionary. Humans are naturally diurnal, meaning we sleep at night and are up throughout the day.

Our brains are hard-wired to link darkness with sleep, and they produce more melatonin when they sense a lack of light (the hormone that regulates our sleep and waking cycles).

In addition to increased melatonin synthesis, dark sleeping circumstances have been related to greater duration in REM sleep and decreased alertness, implying that you’re more likely to sleep deeply and all night.

An eye mask can defeat dark circles and bags under the eyes

Do you have deep bags, dark circles, or puffy redness around your eyes every day? Wearing a cold eye mask for eye fatigue might help address the problem, whether it’s due to allergies, sleeplessness, or a medical condition.

Since this cold constricts the blood vessels surrounding your eyes, the black coloration will fade for a short time. You may still appear tired later in the day, but at least you’ll be able to start over.

They may aid in the prevention of dry eyes

Dry air fills your room and blows on you as you sleep if your home is heated or cooled centrally, and it can also mix up dust and pet hair that you didn’t realize was floating everywhere.

A humidifier can assist, but it won’t stop the recirculated air from blowing directly into your eyes. Sleep masks, on the other hand, can provide a protective barrier over your eyes, shielding them from the effects of your HVAC.

Sleep masks can also aid individuals with nocturnal lagophthalmos, or the inability to fully shut their eyes when sleeping. Because our eyes require the protection and lubrication that our lids provide, those who are unable to properly seal their lids may face acute dryness and perhaps irreversible damage.

Sleep masks can assist by providing a closed environment around the eye, but keep in mind that the very “breathable” sleep masks that many people prefer may not be the best option for lagophthalmos individuals.
eye mask for eye fatigue

There is no better way to unwind than this

When you just need to relax, face masks are enjoyable to put on as you lie back and listen to calming sounds or music. Thanks to self-heating eye masks, you don’t even have to heat them up. Simply open the packaging, and you’re good to go.

When you remove the mask, you will most likely feel rejuvenated, whether you had a long nap or only took a few deep breathes to relieve tension in the middle of the day.

When life becomes too complicated, an eye mask for eye fatigue is a quick and inexpensive method to clear your mind.

Headaches and migraines can be relieved with the use of masks

Many people swear by wearing blindfolds to block out the light that may make a migraine intolerable, but a sleep mask can also help you avoid migraines caused by lack of sleep.

If you suffer from headaches when traveling, you might consider purchasing a travel eye mask. Sleeping blindfolds may also help you enter a state of mind conducive to sleep.

After a week or two of sleeping with your mask, sliding it on will signal to your brain that it’s time to relax. If you notice that you have fewer eye rings or bags, or that puffiness is no longer an issue, there are simply more reasons to wear an eye mask to bed.

They could be able to assist you with your insomnia

Because our brains connect darkness with sleep, a sleep mask may be useful in reducing the “noise” such as stress, anxiety, and excitement, that keeps us awake at night.

Sleep masks also prevent you from opening your eyes and looking at the temptations and diversions in your room, as well as your alarm clock, which according to sleep experts should be out of sight from your sleeping position.

They’re not dangerous, unlike drugs or alcohol

To get some rest, many people who have problems sleeping take sleeping medications or self-medicate with alcohol. However, pharmacological sleeping aids, even those available without a prescription, can become addictive or have adverse effects.

Furthermore, the risk of overdose is high. And, in addition to the dangers associated with sleeping medications, drinking interrupts your sleep cycle and lowers the overall quality of your sleep.

Sleep masks are a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more traditional sleep aids because they lead your brain into believing it’s time to sleep.
eye mask for eye fatigue

Looking for a Quality Eye Mask For Eye Fatigue?

Maybe you’ve tried a sleep mask before and decided it wasn’t for you. However, it’s possible that the specific sleep mask, rather than all sleep masks, wasn’t the appropriate fit for you.

There are hundreds of low-profile, blindfold-style masks to select from if you don’t like masks that are too large and cumbersome. One great option is a self-heating eye mask from Repose!

To put it another way, the options are limitless. At Repose, we offer a variety of sleeping products depending on your needs.

So go ahead and do some research and try out an eye mask for eye fatigue for yourself. You’d be amazed how good you feel first thing in the morning. If you have any questions or would like to know more, give us a call today!