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Things You Need to Know Before Treating Your Under Eye Bags

What’s under your eyes?

Under eye bags are probably the most common beauty issue people look to fix. We get under eye bags from lack of sleep, eye strain from staring at screens all day, UV rays, and being rough with our eye care/skin routine. Scientifically speaking, the reason your eyes get dark circles/puffy is because of the fluid retention related to the area under your eyes. Lack of sleep, eye fatigue, eating a lot of salty foods, and roughly handling your skin can cause more fluid to build up and make your eyes puffy (where the dark shadow comes from).

Heating and cooling

Your eyes aren’t an HVAC system, but adding something cold or warm can help with combat eye issues. Adding heat to the skin stimulates it. (Think of how adding heat to water causes the water molecules to speed up). That stimulation is necessary to aid in new, healthy skin cell growth. Our Reposé self-heating eye masks do several jobs for your eyes at the same time: they add gentle heat to your skin to stimulate the skin cells while also being a sleep mask that helps with your quality of sleep.  It can also help your eyes to use something like a cool compress on them. Adding cold things to your eyes can reduce puffiness, inflammation, and irritation. Placing an ice pack on your eyes for a few minutes in the morning, or even keeping certain skincare products in the fridge before using them can help combat those eye issues.

A gentle touch

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas of your skin. If you’re too rough with it, it could cause damage like wrinkles. When washing your face, applying product, or even rubbing your eyes (if you get some sleep you’ll probably rub them less), be gentle! Beauty gurus even suggest using your ring finger or pinky when doing anything with your eyes. Skincare can be a comprehensive thing, so even if you’re using the right products and have the perfect routine, being too rough can keep you from seeing the best results

UV Protection

The best defense for your skin, especially the skin around your eyes, is protection from the sun’s UV rays. These rays can be really damaging and for the delicate skin around your eyes, you can really see the damage caused. Sunscreen is easily one of the most important steps in skincare–so applying sunscreen to your eyes is no exception. Sunscreen also helps with things like hyperpigmentation, decreased risk of melanoma, and skin aging.

Skincare tools and products

You can also play offense when it comes to healing your skin. Products like retinol, hydrating creams, sunscreen specifically made for eyes, and heated eye masks are some skincare tactics that are becoming increasingly popular. Retinol, which is one type of vitamin A, helps with wrinkles, overall skin aging, and brightening dull skin. Using this on your skin surrounding your eyes can help stimulate the generation of new cells, which help your skin look smoother and less like dark-under-eye-circles.

Creating the skincare routine that is right for you, considering your skin type and skin sensitivities, can have a drastic effect on the appearance of the shadows and puffiness under your eyes. Try a Reposé heated eye mask for healthier, younger-looking eyes.