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"I recently made the @reposeusa Reposé Eye Masks a part of my bedtime routine. It works by releasing gentle heat that soothes my eyes and helps me relax in a matter of minutes, while reducing eye strain and helping combat eye puffiness and dark circles. No more of that!" 
These have saved me from my busy brain. Work has been keeping me up at night as my mind races and these gummies have helped me fall asleep when I need it. AND they are delicious! - Brittni
"Overall, I am highly impressed with the Reposé Self Heating Eye Mask by Ideal Concepts. I can see myself using all ten of these masks and ordering more in the future. So if you are looking for a product to relax or soothe your eye strain/puffy eyes, I highly recommend giving this product a try. "
"I absolutely love these masks. They seem to last longer than others I have tried. They fit great and are very comfortable. I use these every night after I apply my eye cream. I always fall asleep with them on. They are so relaxing!!"

Great for my migraines

'These masks are so nice and they calm everything down especially after a super stressful week.' - Kayla


My daily break

'Reposé gives me my daily break from reality at the office or at home.' - Jordan

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Reposé promises:

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●  Relief for strained, irritated, tired eyes
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Dealing with strained, irritated, tired eyes?

Meet the Reposé Self Heating Eye Mask.
This one-use mask makes it easier than ever to treat your eyes right!

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Reposé Self Heating Eye Mask

Instant, Self-Heating Eye Mask
Our eye masks use innovative self-heating technology that warms up the mask as soon as you open the packet. At just above the body temperature, this soothing heat is distributed evenly to help your tired eyes relax.


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Product Description:

The Reposé self-heating eye mask by Ideal Concepts is an effective solution for helping to restore and rejuvenate tired eyes. Each comes in a single, 3-pack, or 10-pack. The self-heating eye mask is designed for a single use and may help relieve eye fatigue and puffiness within 25 to 30 minutes.

How it works

Our self-heating eye masks are made with thin pockets that contain iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. When you open the package, these components interact with oxygen, creating an oxidizing reaction that generates a comfortable and safe heating sensation. Heat is known to help alleviate irritation by refreshing and hydrating your eyes, and can improve your sleep cycle.

Common Causes of Irritated Eyes
  • Bright lights

  • Allergens

  • Not getting enough sleep

  • Aging

  • Eye strain

  • Vermiculite

  • Water

  • Cotton

  • Polyester

  • Polypropylene

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Easy to store and take on the go

  • Prevents eye irritation

  • Decrease puffiness and the presence of bags under the eyes

Self Heating Eyemask

Quantity: 10 

Iron Powder, Activated Carbon Powder, Salt, Vermiculite, Water, Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene. Our eyes are endlessly fascinating, unbelievably complex, and crucially important little organs. Not only do they play an essential role in letting us see the world around us, but they are also crucial in interpersonal connections, “windows to the soul,” as many have said. Even though they are precious to us, our eyes are constantly under attack. Sleep is elusive, especially these days. As if the regular stresses of everyday life weren’t enough, 2020 has made just about every one of us lose sleep at some point. Having to deal with the psychological effects of sleepless nights is bad enough, but now add the bags that develop under your eyes as a result. It’s not just sleep either; irritation, stress, and aging can damage not only our eyes but also the soft tissue around them. Luckily, there’s an effective way to help restore and rejuvenate your eyes. The Reposé self-heating eye masks are the perfect solution for your eye woes!
Eyes Need Some Love
The human eye is regularly exposed to many factors that could damage them in the long term. Environmental factors such as bright lights and allergens (dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, etc.) lead to irritation. Not only is this uncomfortable, but without restorative treatments like a warming eye mask, eye issues can become more prominent.
Why Do I Have Bags Under My Eyes?
Puffiness around the eyes is a result of two major factors – lack of sleep and aging.
We are all familiar with the bags that develop if we don’t get enough sleep, but most of us don’t know why. It turns out that if you don’t get enough sleep, the blood vessels around your eyes dilate. With this comes an increase in blood flow, and since the skin around your eyes is much thinner, the swelling and coloration become quite noticeable.
Other Causes for Bags Under the Eyes
Warming eye masks are excellent for a wide range of people because everyone will experience swollen eyelids at some points. Common causes also include:
  • Allergies
  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Salty diet
  • Improper makeup removal
  • Sun exposure
  • Genetics
The Magic of Heated Eye Masks
Our self-heating eye masks are an excellent resource for just about everyone. Not only can they help alleviate irritation, but they can also improve your sleep cycle and give you respites of relaxation throughout a hectic day. Here’s what you need to know:
What are They?
We are all familiar with eye masks, but these warm coverings are special. They are made with unique materials that cause them to heat up the second you open the packaging.
How Do They Work?
Our heated eye masks are made with thin pockets that contain iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. When you open up a package, these components interact with oxygen, creating an oxidizing reaction that generates a comfortable and safe heating sensation.
Why Should I Use Warming Eye Masks?
These masks are excellent for anyone who struggles with a variety of eye-related issues. If allergies cause your eyes to be irritated or dry, using these eye masks for dry eyes is an effective method of restoring a fresh and hydrated feeling. Other uses for our masks include
Trouble Sleeping
Putting on our heated eye masks before bed helps you get that elusive sleep you’ve been wanting. Not only do they block all the light that could keep you up, but the warmth is also soothing and helps lull you to sleep.
Having a stressful day? Just slide on these comfortable eye masks in a bath or for a short nap on your couch. After thirty minutes, your eyes will feel refreshed, and the rest of you will feel relaxed.
Combat the effects of aging with our heated eye masks! Getting more sleep and letting your eyes get more rest regularly can help stave off the more visible effects of aging on the soft tissues that surround your eyes.
What are the Benefits of Heated Sleep Masks?
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Easy to store and take on the go
  • Prevents eye irritation
  • Decrease puffiness and the presence of bags under the eyes
Are You Ready to Give Your Eyes a Break with Our Self-Heating Eye Masks?
Give yourself the gift of a relaxed, rejuvenated look with our high-quality warming eye masks. They’re easy to use and super effective. Order today or contact us today to learn more!

Single, 3 Pack, 10 Pack

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