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How to Know If You Have the Right Eye Mask

With the world’s continuous innovations, a lot of sleeping products have mushroomed in the market. They vary from one material to another. You might be using one of them now, but do you know if your heated eye mask is of great quality? Here’s how you can find out.
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Factors That Say Your Eye Mask is Right for You

Improves Your Sleep Quality

A great eye mask is made to improve the quality of your sleep, so if yours is not doing it, then maybe it’s time to switch. If you are using an eye mask and it doesn’t help you sleep better than usual, that means it’s probably time to get a new one. Your eye mask should give your brain the illusion that it’s already nighttime and it’s time to sleep.

Blocks Out Harmful Light

You might not notice it, but you are surrounded by harmful blue light – from your smartphones, the glow from the television, and even from your nightstand alarm clock. This light should not be a concern during the day since it boosts your attention, reaction time, and mood. However, it becomes a different story at nighttime. This light disrupts your sleep, and your eye mask should be able to block it.

Relieves Sinus Issues

Another unknown benefit of eye masks is that they can potentially help relieve headaches and sinus pain. Some can even help reduce inflammation around your eyes. If your eye mask doesn’t help with your sinus problems as you expect it to, you might want to start looking around for some other options.

Great for Travel

Your eye mask is very useful when it comes to traveling, especially when you cross different time zones. When you travel, you will no longer have control over your surrounding light or the lighting in your chosen accommodation. You should go for an eye mask that is easy to bring around and can just be slid into your bag’s pocket.

Includes Soothing Scents

An eye mask incorporated with calming fragrances can be conducive to sleep. There are various scents that you can choose from, depending on the availability of your chosen eye mask. However, not all eye masks are scented, so if yours aren’t, you still do have options, like using sleeping oils.

Makes You Relax

A great eye mask should make you feel calm and relaxed so you can fall asleep easier. This is one thing that every eye mask should serve provide. What’s the point of an eye mask if it doesn’t make you feel relaxed? As soon as you cover your eyes with your mask, it should calm your nerves and set your mood to bedtime.
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How to Choose the Right Eye Mask

There are a few factors that should be considered when buying an eye mask. Here are a few of them to help you get started with your nighttime eye mask hunting.


Sleeping eye masks are made from different types of fabric. This is one thing that you should pay attention to when buying one. Choose a fabric that would not irritate your skin or cause creases around your eyes. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you can choose from silk, cotton, polyester, or satin.


You shouldn’t look dull even when wearing an eye mask while you sleep. For fashion enthusiasts, you can infuse fun and fashion into this sleeping accessory. Just imagine how great you will look while you take a nap in a plane with your stylish eye masks. You can go for bold colors or vivid floral prints. There’s plenty of options available to you.


Go for an eye mask that has a great fit. You wouldn’t want your eye mask to slip whenever you shift to a different position when you fall into a deep sleep. Look for masks that fit the upper part of your face perfectly, especially around your nose. You can even go for masks that have fabric flaps sewn around to help fit various face sizes.

Blackout Capability

Blocking out unnecessary and unwanted light is the main purpose of your eye mask. Pick out a sleeping eye mask that has a great blackout capability to help give you the illusion that it’s already time for sleep, despite the sun shining brightly. Always be sure to look for this capability before buying an eye mask.


Eye masks are now infused with technology. Thanks to the innovations in the self-health care industry, your eye mask can already block blue light or even heat itself. There’s even a smart eye mask that can be connected to an app where you can track your sleeping hours. Another great choice is the disposable self-heated eye mask. All you have to do is open the package, and you’re good to go. Once you’re done, simply throw it away.


The cost of an eye mask depends on its capability and materials. However, even if you are on a budget, you should still take everything that needs to be considered to get a good one. Nothing feels better than a beautiful morning after a great night’s sleep. Go for a mask that is affordable without compromising the quality of sleep it gives you.
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Are You Looking for a Heated Eye Mask?

We always ensure that our customers get the most out of every purchase from our selection of sleeping products. It has been our goal to make your sleep better than ever. We believe in making self-care easy and accessible.

Our sleeping eye mask is an efficient solution to rejuvenating and restoring your tired eyes. Repose sleeping eye masks have a self-heating ability. It is made with thin pockets that contain iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. As you open the package and these components interact with oxygen, they create an oxidizing reaction that generates a safe and comfortable heating sensation.

Repose self-heating eye masks are also great for traveling as they are lightweight and easy to use. We always want you to have worthy options when it comes to your self-care needs. Should you want to know more about our eye masks and other sleeping products, please leave us a message here.