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How Eye Masks Help with Sore Eyes

Eye pain can be a symptom of many different problems, so no matter how mild they might seem at first, you shouldn’t take them lightly and take steps to relieve them before the pain gets worse. One of the up and coming products in the market is an eye mask for sore eyes.

In the case of sore eyes, various factors like allergies and infections can add to your eyes feeling sore, red, and itchy, before they start becoming painful.  
eye mask for sore eyes

Why You Have Sore Eyes

Sore eyes are an unpleasant condition you may experience in one or both eyes. While they aren’t that common, other different irritants can cause mild soreness in your eyes. These irritants can include any of the following:

  • Overexposure – Exposing your eyes to bright lights or chlorinated water for long periods can strain your eyes and cause them to feel sore afterward.
  • Excessive rubbing – Your eyes can feel sore after rubbing them for too long, especially when they feel itchy.
  • Cigarette smoke – Foreign objects that enter your eyes, no matter how small or fine, can cause your eyes to become inflamed.
  • Contact lenses – While it’s important to clean your contact lenses and have them replaced regularly, even a simple improper application can make your eyes inflamed. 

Other reasons that may indicate something more serious can include the following: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration

On top of these factors, you can also get sore eyes by straining them, usually from prolonged close-up work. These can include sitting in front of a computer screen or reading for hours on end every day.

That said, there is an effective way to massage your eyes when you experience these symptoms:

  1. Massage your eyelids by using your index or middle finger to sweep gently from the inner corner of your eye and moving outwards toward the outer corner. 
  2. Starting from the upper lid, put your finger on the corner of your eyelid next to your nose and move towards the outer lid. You can do this symmetrically or massage one eye at a time. Repeat this with the lower lid. 
  3. Repeat these steps about five to ten times in 30 seconds. Remember to do this gently to stimulate your meibomian glands and expel any excess fluid.

Be sure to massage your eyes at your comfort level – don’t be too gentle, and don’t be too harsh that you accidentally hurt your eyeballs. You should also do this with your eyes closed.

Eye Masks for Sore Eyes

Our eyes endure a lot of strain during the day, and while eye drops can sometimes alleviate these symptoms, they can only go so far before you need to take some extra measures for pain relief. This is where eye masks come in. 

Having an eye compress, or an eye mask can help relieve the irritation and dryness symptoms that come with sore eyes. Many people swear by the power of eye masks to help them experience relief. 

Whether it’s migraines or dry eyes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using an eye mask the next time you go to bed. Aside from resting and relieving migraine, eye masks come with other benefits, too:

  • They’re cheap and lasting – Sometimes, your bed just isn’t the problem, but the intense, pulsating pain that comes with a migraine. There’s no need to add more stress by splurging on a mattress when you can get an eye mask for cheap.
  • Eye discomfort is treated by heat – Ocular migraines are one thing you want to watch out for, but you don’t need to invest in a heating pad, either – a heated eye mask does the trick just fine.
  • They can help with other eye conditions – Eye masks can be greatly beneficial for those with chronic dry eye or gland issues, as well as those who have incomplete eyelid closure. 

On top of relieving symptoms associated with sore eyes and dry eye syndrome, eye masks can also help you reduce migraines and lighten dark circles under your eyes, solving more than one problem you might already have.

There are many masks available on the market right now that you can get right now on a budget, and they are certainly more than worth it.

What to Look for in an Eye Mask

It’s important to find the right eye mask that works for you. Aside from choosing the right shape and size, you also want to look out for the following factors to ensure you get the best eye mask for sore eyes: 

  • Weight – While many masks are lightweight, certain types of weighted masks are available on the market to provide that extra bit of pressure for stress relief, kind of like having a weighted blanket over your head.
  • Hot/cold – Some eye masks also allow for temperature changes, which can help with headaches and sore eyes. In the case of the latter, you want a warm mask to bring that extra temperature as a gentle way of massaging your eyelids while you sleep. One great example is a self-heating eye mask that gets warm as soon as you open the package.
  • Material – Fabric determines the level of comfort for your eyes. Cotton and polyester are inexpensive options that can do the trick.
  • eye mask for sore eyes

Looking for an Eye Mask for Sore Eyes?

Sore eyes can be a real hassle, whether you’re awake or simply trying to get some sleep. Once the pain stops, there’s little you can do but wait for it to go away – and that’s where an eye mask for sore eyes comes in to give you not just quality sleep, but lasting and efficient pain relief.

Eye masks can be a huge help in relieving various symptoms that come with sore eyes. If you’re desperate and looking for a way to catch some Z’s, Reposé offers a lot of products to help you with your dilemma. It’s time to give them a try. Contact us today to learn more about our products that can give you relief and a good night’s sleep.