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Do Eye Masks Help With Migraines?

If you’re experiencing severe throbbing pains in your head, followed by nausea and vomiting, you most likely need to take a break and rest. An eye mask for migraines have been a rising trend for relieving pain.

How long migraines last often vary from person to person. Bouts of migraines can interfere with daily activities, and while medicines can help with migraines, there are other ways to make them less painful once they start.

Along with roller balls and ointments, eye masks are a go-to home remedy when it comes to pain, especially when you have trouble sleeping.

eye mask for migraines

What’s An Eye Mask?

An eye mask is basically a covering for your eyes that you can use to help you sleep. However, it can be more than just a piece of fabric.

While eye masks aren’t anything new, they help you maintain your natural sleep cycle after a long and stressful day, making them a must-have for anyone experiencing migraine or just looking for a better way to snooze off.

How Eye Masks Can Help With Migraines

For those suffering from a migraine, there are loads of factors that all add to the bouts of tingling sensations, headaches, and numbness, and bright lights aren’t doing you any favors.

Because there isn’t a singular cause for migraine, there isn’t a singular cure, either. Everything from medications, de-stressing, and hydrating all play a role in relieving symptoms, and most important of them is sleep. If you start feeling a migraine coming on, it’s best to close your eyes and try to drift off.

Light sensitivity is perhaps the biggest issue for people who experience migraines. If you are experiencing them, you want to make sure to sleep in a place as dark as possible to avoid any pain that might trigger.

This is where eye masks come in – they help primarily by blocking out artificial light.

By making it so that light doesn’t reach your eyes, your brain can produce melatonin more easily and help you sleep. On top of this, eye masks can also be used for stress relief by applying a small amount of pressure on your eyes, similar to a gentle massage.

Eye masks can be used for this purpose because there are different types of migraines. These types can cause pain in different areas in your head, and sometimes your eyes.

While they don’t necessarily cover your entire head, eye masks can come with different features. They can be weighted, come in different types of fabric, and even allow for different temperatures for added pain relief.

What to Look For in an Eye Mask

It’s important to find the right eye mask that works for you. Aside from choosing the right shape and size, you also want to look out for the following factors to ensure you get the best one that suits your needs:

  • Hot/cold – There are two different temperatures you can get for eye masks, which can help with headaches. Heated masks are known to bring that extra soothing warmth to the eyes.
  • Weight – While many masks are lightweight, certain types of weighted masks are available on the market in order to provide that extra bit of pressure for stress relief, similar to a weighted blanket.
  • Light blocking – While some masks are made of light fabric and aren’t made for blocking light, others are made of thicker fabric for this purpose. This is great if you’re light-sensitive and prone to headaches when sleeping under bright light.
  • Material – Fabric is also a way to add more comfort for your eyes. Cotton is an option that does the trick, while silk is more expensive but doesn’t absorb skin care products. Others are even made of foam or are a combination of different materials.

When you choose an eye mask, it’s important to know that different eye masks are great for different things. For instance, cold eye masks can be better for cosmetic reasons, while warm or hot eye masks can help relax eye and facial muscles, and are better for pain relief.

Eye Masks for Tired Eyes

Many people swear by the power of blindfolds to help them sleep by blocking out as much light as possible. Whether it’s a migraine or dry eyes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start using an eye mask the next time you go to bed.

In fact, aside from resting and relieving migraine, eye masks come with other benefits, too:

  • They’re cheaper to buy than a new mattress – Sometimes, your bed just isn’t the problem, but the intense, pulsating pain that comes with a migraine. There’s no need to add more stress by splurging on a mattress when you can get an eye mask for cheap.
  • Eye discomfort is treated by heat – Ocular migraines are one thing you want to watch out for, but you don’t need to invest in a heating pad, either – a heated eye mask does the trick just fine.
  • They’re faster than eye creams – Eye creams and balms can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to take effect, which can be too long if you’re dealing with a really bad episode.
  • They help with eye conditions – Eye masks can also be helpful for those with chronic dry eye or gland issues, as well as those who have incomplete eyelid closure.

eye mask for migraines
Looking for an Eye Mask for Migraines?

Anyone dealing with migraines knows how much of a hassle it can be to do anything – even get some sleep. Once the warning signs stop and the pain starts, there’s little you can do but wait for it to go away – and that’s where eye masks come in to give you quality sleep.

Eye masks for migraines can be a huge help by blocking out light and giving your eyes soothing warmth, depending on the type that you choose. Reposé offers high quality products to help you with migraines and sleep issues. If you’re desperate and looking for a way to catch some Z’s, it’s time to give a heated eye mask a try.