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4 Reasons To Try Our Vegan Melatonin Gummies

We know sleep doesn’t always come easy for you. Between working long hours, stress from family and friendships, and even constant worry about your life and the future, it can feel like your mind never stops running so you can get some rest. Don’t get discouraged! Melatonin supplements, like sleep aids or our Reposé gummies, team up with the melatonin our brain already produces to help it work more efficiently. Meaning you get sleepy and stay asleep longer (the key to getting some much needed rest). We may have a solution for you:

Entering the chat: Reposé Vegan Melatonin Gummies! These are a vegan version of our popular melatonin gummies, also in a new multi-fruit flavor. Here’s a few reasons why you should try them:

1. They’re vegan and all-natural

What makes these gummies vegan? We’re glad you asked! Typically, melatonin gummies are made with gelatin and other animal by-products. Our vegan gummies are natural, so not only do they contain pectin (a plant-based alternative to gelatin), but they’re also made with organic cane sugar and organic fruit juices. Our Vegan Melatonin Gummies are completely vegan and also great if you’re wanting to watch your environmental impact or artificial sugar intake.

2. They’re Halal

Halal food refers to food that is acceptable according to Islamic law. Haram, the opposite, would describe something that is unlawful or unaccepted. Those sticking to a non-pork diet aren’t able to eat gummy food, because the gelatin it contains is a pork by-product, which is considered haram. Pectin (what we make our vegan gummies with) is 100% plant-based—meaning if you’re Muslim or observing Islamic dietary practices, you can have these!

3. They’re non-habit forming

Over-the-counter sleep aids can have unpleasant side effects, like decreased effectiveness over time. Our Vegan Melatonin Gummies have the same melatonin formula as our non-vegan ones, which is specifically made to be non-habit forming. So you can take them to get rest, and not worry about becoming dependent on them.

4: They’re multi-fruit flavored

Our non-vegan gummies are only available in the Blue RazZzberry flavor, but our vegan melatonin gummies come in lemon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, and cherry. If you’re looking for a different melatonin gummy flavor, trying our vegan gummies would be the best choice!

When you think of something being ‘vegan’ you think of something flavorless or maybe something that might be less effective than the non-vegan version, right? Our Vegan Melatonin Gummies are putting that myth to rest. They have all the flavor (if not more) than our Blue RazZzberry ones, great for someone on a non-pork and vegan diet, and overall more health-conscious so everybody can get the rest they deserve!