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5 Reasons To Try Our Melatonin Gummies

We get it: you’ve tried everything under the sun to try to get a decent sleep. Tiring yourself out during the day, warm milk, chamomile tea, counting sheep—none of it works. And actual sleep aid medication can have concerning side effects. Not getting the sleep we need can be annoying, but it can also start to be really detrimental to our bodies and minds after a while.

What’s our body up to during sleep?

While we sleep, our brain is working hard to replenish our body and mental functions. New cells are being made and existing ones are being repaired, mentally organizing new information, nerve cells talking to each other (which helps keep our brain activity at a healthy level). So many other bodily functions are affected by the amount and also the quality of sleep we get.

Enter the Reposé Melatonin Gummies! These are gummy candy that are specially formulated with melatonin to help you fall asleep and, almost more importantly, stay asleep.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin actually comes from your body. It’s a hormone that is involved in your sleep processes (getting tired, resting—all of that). Your melatonin hormone actually works with your brain to release more or less depending on what time of day it is (more when it’s dark, less when its light). Your body actually produces less and less melatonin as you age, so supplementing it with a melatonin gummy can be really beneficial.

How can Reposé Melatonin Gummies help?

1. Get to sleep quicker

Sometimes getting tired is half the battle. We feel like if we aren’t tired we have to be doing something and be productive instead of laying down and trying to rest. Our gummies aid your body’s own melatonin to get you drowsy quickly, instead of staring at the ceiling for hours counting sheep.

2. Keeps you asleep

The amount of melatonin in each gummy, in addition to the amount of melatonin your body’s naturally producing, helps not only get you drowsy but also keeps you asleep for longer. This can mean getting into a deeper, fuller sleep, which is even better for our body and brains overnight functions.

3. Not your typical gummy candy

Our Reposé Melatonin Gummies are dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, low in sodium and have no artificial sweeteners. So if you’re on a low-sugar diet or just take special care of what you put in your body, these are perfect!

4. Non-habit forming

The monumental difference between our gummies and other sleep aid pills you can get at pharmacies is that these are non-habit forming. With most sleep aids there is a dependency risk, and while melatonin supplements are recommended for short-term use, these gummies don’t run the risk of dependency.

5. Great tasting

Seriously, what’s better than a Blue RaZzzberry flavored treat that helps you fall asleep? Our delicious gummies are a great alternative to chalky sleep aid pills that leave a bad taste in your mouth overnight.

For your best sleep yet, take 1-2 melatonin gummies about 30 minutes before bedtime (don’t take more than 4 in 24hrs). Try a couple nights with our sample pack!