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What is Reposé?

We ALL know how hard it is to actually feel recharged when you finally get time to rest and relax. Between off-the-clock work calls, the constant feeling like you’re not being productive enough, notifications from your phone, and so many other things, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to get actual rest, let alone get the most out of that rest. 

Try out these 4 tips the next time you get time off for real rejuvenation: 

1. Slow Down

 Let’s try an exercise! Close your eyes and think about your typical weekly schedule. Pretty packed right? It can vary by person, but packing things into your schedule can quickly lead to burnout. If you’re taking steps to slow your life down, via saying no to some requests and setting realistic goals, you’re not pushing yourself to your limit. This gives you more capacity to feel the results of resting, instead of trying to recover from constant burnout. 

Remember: Your productivity is not a measure of your worth!

2. Unplug

Turn off your phone, put it on airplane mode, DND, or take your computer out of your room. Things like your phone, TV, and laptop can all be distractions trying to get your attention, and taking the time to remove those distractions can mean better sleep, less headaches, and less tired eyes. Rest can come in many forms, so even if you’re not taking a nap or getting extra hours of sleep, spending some time away from screens to read a book or do another screen-less hobby can positively affect your physical and mental health.

3. Sleep Aids

Sometimes finding the time to sleep isn’t the battle: getting TO sleep is the hard part. It does take some thinking and trial-and-error to find what sleep aid would be the most helpful for you, but the result can mean falling asleep quicker, getting to a deeper sleep (at different levels of sleep, your body repairs different things), and staying asleep through the night. Using things like aromatherapy, melatonin gummies, and eye masks can help slow your body down and get you to the sleep you desperately need. 

4. Schedule It

Adding rest into your schedule and prioritizing your time to recharge can make a huge difference in your overall health. Before you fill up your schedule with things to do and places to go, write in things like naps, time for your personal tasks, and even time to just sit around and do nothing. Then, if you can, schedule around it. Prioritizing yourself and giving your mind and body to recharge is bound to help you in every other area of your life and also give your more energy when you need it most.