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Do You Have Itchy Eyes?

Do you have itchy eyes? Well, you’re not alone. Your eyes are among the most sensitive parts of your body, and many people develop various health conditions over the years. It may be hard to consider the use of a self-heated eye masks, but they’re known to alleviate many eye discomforts. Therefore, let’s bring relief in sight with self heated masks 

self-care eye maskAre You Finding it Hard to See Straight? 


Your soul’s mirrors are susceptible to many irritants found in everyday life, many of which are unavoidable. However, you may be wondering if the faint redness or the mild blurriness is cause for concern. Here’s a list of possible conditions that can develop from normal day-to-day activities.  




This condition is a three-headed monster, as you never know exactly how it’ll get you. Different irritations cause each of the three variants and affect different parts of the eye. However, these are shared symptoms of the three: 


  • Red or itchy eyelids 
  • Eyelash shedding 
  • Gritty or dry eyes 


Seborrheic Blepharitis 


Dandruff is the sole irritant that triggers a chain reaction. For some people, when their dandruff comes into contact with their eyelids, it causes them to turn red and scaly. This, of course, becomes itchy, but that isn’t the only problem it causes; another symptom is the overproduction of tear film. 


What’s tear film? The tear film is the thin moisture coating around your eyes that does several things: it protects eyes from the environment, keeps the eye moist, and lubricates your eyes, so your eyelids don’t cause any damage while blinking.  


Ulcerative Blepharitis 


The ulcerative blepharitis version is a lot less common but has a much earlier onset. Children often struggle with this, so parents are advised to keep a watchful eye out! Unlike seborrheic, this stems from bacteria affecting the skin around the eyes. 


The natural and helpful bacteria on your face have several health-boosting traits. Two positive qualities include aiding the immune system and bolstering the body’s defenses. Eating a diverse array of healthy foods can ensure that your face has an assortment of different bacteria. However, for some people, they can just as easily cause unintentional irritation. 


Unlike merely causing waxy scales and itchiness, ulcerative blepharitis is a lot more severe of a condition. Those suffering from this version experience the overnight production of hard crust that makes it difficult to open your eyes upon waking up. 


This condition results in the tear film malfunctioning and becoming thicker. As it thickens, it gets stronger and sticky. Picture a syrup containers’ lid when you try to open it, and previously syrup hardens, and the stickiness tries keeping the lid shut. Essentially, that’s what happens to your eyes when they’re affected by this form of blepharitis. 


Posterior Blepharitis 


Posterior blepharitis develops when oil glands allow bacteria to take hold and multiply; this is also why it is called meibomian gland dysfunction. These glands line the sections of the top and bottom lids, where they meet when closed.   


Meibomian glands secrete oils that lubricate the surface of the eyes when you close them. Under normal conditions, the right amount of fluid needed is adequately produced and applied with slight hiccups from time to time.  


However, if your eyelids become irritated, there are a few adverse side effects you can expect. Of such possibilities when the glands are inflamed is either too much or too little oil distribution. Doing so can cause your eyes to uncontrollably water or become dry and itchy. Each case is unique, so either of these could affect you. 


The three things that can trigger meibomian gland dysfunction are acne, rosacea, scalp dandruff. Dandruff and acne can clog eyelid pores, which opens the door to potential bacteria buildup.  


Rosacea is a prevalent skin condition that can lead to red, puffy eyes. This condition is exceedingly widespread in the American population but isn’t well known. This is because it often mimics the look of acne. 


Of the diverse American population, a particular group has been identified to be at a greater risk. It turns out that middle-aged women with a pale complexion are in the risk group for this condition. Symptoms include small, red, pus-filled bumps across your face, typically concentrated around the vicinity of your upper jawbone. These bumps can irritate eye glands 


Possible Treatments and Conditions 


Besides these conditions, there are others that heated eye masks can cure as well, such as dry eyes, conjunctivitis, eye strain, and more. While not all discomforts need treatment, your day job may not be doing you any favors. 


From Dry Eye to Blepharitis 


As you would assume, dry eye condition is when your eyes lack the moisture needed for proper use. Many things can cause this, but did you know that long-term screen use can be damaging to your eyes? Gamers, office workers, and retail workers are all at a higher risk for dry eyes simply because of their time in front of a screen. 


If your desk job makes it hard to see going home, your best and easiest solution may be a mask. All you need to do is open the package, put on the mask, and catch some Zs. This simple method to treat dry eye can also be used to treat the varying forms of blepharitis.  


Correct Poor Sleeping 


Many people suffer from the inability to fall asleep easily. If this is you, heated eye masks are a legitimate solution. As is common knowledge, even the faintest light at night can prevent sleep by disturbing your circadian rhythm. Heated masks provide full eye coverage, which not only blocks pesky light but radiates a calming warmth that puts you at ease. 


Between the warmth and the darkness, heated masks provide a 1-2 punch that can knock you out! By taking melatonin supplements with a heated eye mask, you can successfully treat sleep deprivation and one of many eye conditions. We offer both products which have helped many people achieve their dreams. We make trying them easy with our self-care trio! 

self-care eye mask 

Is a Self-Care Eye Mask the Solution for You? 


Whether you find it hard to sleep or if your eyes bother you daily, we are your one-stop shop for easy, do-at-home remedies. Just remember, behind every great morning, it a restful night’s sleep. Check us out further if you have any more questions or would like to get started down the road to recovery!