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How Warming Eye Masks Help You Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation describes a state of having inadequate quantity and quality of sleep. For many of us, nighttime could be the only time we fully relax as adults. But how about if you’re having trouble getting sufficient sleep? A cup of good coffee can sometimes do the trick and help you make it through the day, but can you realistically deny the wonders of a good night’s sleep? Thankfully, many different sleeping products, like sleeping pills and warming eye masks, can help calm the soul and sleep better. Getting a good quality of sleep should always be your top priority.

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What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Lack of sleep ages your skin

People who experience a lack of sleep for multiple nights typically find themselves with sallow skin and puffy eyes. Furthermore, insufficient sleep can also lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, and dark undereye circles. And no one wants to spend more time in front of your mirror every morning to try and conceal all these.

Sleepiness makes you more forgetful

If you are trying to keep a sound and sharp mind, then you should try to get as much sleep as you can. American and French researchers ran a studying 2009 that found a brain event called “sharp wave ripples.” This event is responsible for memory consolidation and mostly occurs during your deepest level of sleep.

Insufficient sleep can make you gain more weight

Lack of sleep is also associated with an increase in hunger and appetite. A study in 2004 showed that people who sleep less than six hours a day were almost 30% more likely to be obese than those who have seven to nine hours of sleep. Haven’t you notice how you crave high-fat and high-carbohydrate food every time you stay up late at night?

Poor sleep is linked to depression

Depression and other mental health issues are linked to poor quality of sleep. Specifically, those with insomnia and other sleep disorders were reported to have a significantly higher rate of depression than those without.

Ultimately, Insomnia and depression feed off each other. So, the next time you feel down, try to evaluate your sleeping habits.

Lack of sleep affects social interactions and emotions

Insufficient sleep reduces your ability to fully interact with others socially. Studiesusing facial recognition tests found thosewho didn’t enough sleep had a reduced ability of recognizing anger or happiness in a social setting. It has been believed that inadequate sleep affects your ability to recognize social clues and process emotional information.

We know you would never want to experience any of the things mentioned earlier. Although an eight-hour sleep cycle can be considered a luxury today, you should still keep in mind that it is a necessity for many reasons, including your mental and physical health.

Always remember there are a lot of products available such as a warming eye mask to help you get a good sleep! To help you fully understand how eye masks work, we’ve gathered a few facts for you.


Benefits of Warming Eye Masks

Improves quality of your sleep

The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School explained that we all have light sensitive cells in our retina, which tell our brain when it’s daytime or nighttime to determine our sleep patterns. The research concluded that the use of eye masks leads to a deeper quality of sleep that is less disrupted, with elevated melatonin levels.

Saves your life

When you sleep in total darkness, you allow your body to secrete as much melatonin as possible. Not able to produce enough melatonin increases your risks of daily diseases. Melatonin also works as an antioxidant to help prevent damage to your DNA caused by exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, aging, or the sun’s harmful rays.

Eye masks are safer than pills and alcohol

A lot of people who have trouble sleeping often resort to using sleeping pills,or self-medicate with alcohol to doze off. Pharmaceutical sleeping aids, even the non-prescription ones, can be habit-forming and may have side effects. Eye masks trick your brain into believing that it’s already bedtime. This is a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to a more conventional sleep solution.

They might help in preventing dry eyes

Centrally cooling or heating your home fills the room with dry air that blows on you while you sleep. A warming eye sleeping mask can do the trick for being a protective barrier over your eyes from your HVAC. This is also helpful to those who suffers from lagophthalmos or the inability to close their eyes fully when they sleep.

Eye masks can mitigate migraines

Even the smallest exposure to light can be excruciating to people in the throes of migraine. Eye masks provide total darkness that people with migraines crave when the pain hits. Sleeping masks ensure that light doesn’t interfere with your sleep recovery and helps you fight light sensitivity, which is a common feature of chronic migraine.

warming eye mask Are You Having A Hard Time Looking For A Great Warming Eye Mask?

Here at Repose, we commit to giving you a soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly design. Our eye masks are self-heating to make it easier for you to use. Repose self-heating eye mask is an effective solution to help restore and rejuvenate tired eyes. These light-weight, single use eye masks are easy to store and are perfect for on-the-go people.

Our eye masks are made with thin pockets containing iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. These components interact with oxygen as you open the package and creates an oxidizing reaction that generates a safe and comfortable heating sensation. One mask can help relieve eye fatigue within 25-30 minutes.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Along with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of wellbeing. Optimal health cannot be achieved if you do not take care of your sleep patterns. Sleep masks are often stereotyped with being too feminine or frivolous, but you’ll be surprised of the benefits you can get from it. Start getting better sleep now by getting your self-heating eye mask here!