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5 Reasons to Try Cold Showering

Do we know what you’re thinking: a cold shower?? Most of your experience with cold showers is when your roommate uses up all the hot water and you’re forced to wash out your shampoo with freezing cold water. Showering with hot water can be helpful with falling asleep, having cleaner skin, lowering blood pressure, and with illnesses (i.e. sinus, colds). But there are some real benefits to cold immersion therapy!

Hot showers are great for helping to get the gunk out of your pores if they’re clogged and help lift your cuticle some so that product can get deep into the hair structure and get to work. Cold showers, and door closers, can help with maintaining moisture and other nutrients. Using cold water closes the pores, ensuring no additional skin moisture is lost to the air, and hair cuticles to keep your hair from drying out. Cold water also helps when trying to protect color-treated hair. Even just a few seconds at the end of a shower can really help with preserving your hair and skin’s moisture!

It may not be the most pleasant thing (especially if it’s the middle of winter!) but your body and even your mental state can really benefit from taking a cool shower once in a while!

cold immersion therapy

1. Alarm clock

Showering cold can act as a more natural alarm clock. It might not wake you up out of your sleep, but once you’re out of bed and in the shower, the cold water shocks our skin in a way that triggers blood flow. This is what makes us feel more ‘awake’ and aware. Starting your shower with cold water and then switching to hot water mid-shower can provide you with the great benefits of showering cold and hot.

2. Immune booster

When you take a cold shower, the reaction of the cold water hitting your skin and stimulating your nerves causes more white blood cells to be made. These white blood cells are your body’s defense team against illnesses and sicknesses. While too many white blood cells can be a bad thing, showering cold doesn’t raise them to a dangerous level. Instead, you just get some extra help fighting off a sickness!

3. Better circulation

When you shower with cold water, one thing that also happens is increased blood flow. This happens because your nerves sense the coldness of the water, then work to start circulating more blood to keep you warm. This blood flow increase doesn’t just happen on your arms and legs in the cold shower. It happens in your brain too, giving your brain more blood and oxygen, in turn making you more alert!

4. Post-workout remedy

Showering cold is your muscles’ best friend. You’ve probably heard of athletes taking these really insane ice baths after an intense practice or workout, right? That’s another result of the increased blood flow. It helps with muscle repair and helps to jumpstart the healing and recovery process. It’s just like icing a pulled muscle, only for your whole body at once.

5. Better hair and skin health

Let’s talk pores and cuticles! The cuticles in your hair and the pores in your skin react differently to hot water versus cold water. Think of them like a door: hot water is a door opener, while cold water is a door closer.

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