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When To Use Eye Mask In Your Routine

Eye masks come in all shapes and forms, from gel under eye ones, to heated ones, and even cooling ones. Cooling eye masks help to reduce inflammation or puffiness whereas heated eye masks increase the blood flow to the skin, helping your skin with things like oxygenation and repairing cells. Eye masks can be very versatile as far as when you use them and sometimes even how you use them.

So when should you use an eye mask in your routine? We’re glad you asked!

End of the day

Have you ever thought about what your eyes go through everyday? Tons of screen time, UV rays, impossibly bright car headlights, focusing for 8+ hours at a time–they can really take a beating throughout the day. Using an eye mask at the end of the day will not only help you give your eyes a break, but is also a great way to get some good quality sleep. Using a self heating eye mask can help the health of your sensitive skin around your eyes by bringing movement to those cells, which can affect things like collagen production.

During your skincare routine

Planning on doing a face mask or a different face treatment? Make the most of your time by wearing an eye mask simultaneously to further relax the eye area along with the rest of your face. Add under eye gels under your eye mask or use a heated eye mask to stimulate the skin around your eyes can also work in tandem with eye creams. Combo-ing your skincare routine like this can also make it a shorter, easier routine!


Whether you’re the type to pass out as soon as the plane hits the runway or if you’re never able to sleep on a plane, wearing an eye mask can be a huge help to you. Using eye masks on your flight can help with:

  • Falling asleep
  • Sun protection
  • Reducing stress
  • Fighting puffy eyes

The noise, anxiety from flying, stress on your body from being in a higher altitude, and light from the windows can make it impossible to get some sleep. Eye masks block noise, distractions, and light. While eye masks may not specifically protect from harmful UV rays, they are great for some protection of harsh lights from the Sun and cloud refraction. 

On your next flight, try a cool eye mask to really combat puffy, altitude-eyes or a heated eye mask for added warmth on a cold flight and some skin rejuvenation!