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Self Heating Eye Masks for Tired Eyes

Eye bags and dark circles around the eyes could become apparent after consecutive days of hard work, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep. Sometimes, concealers and layers of the foundation aren’t enough to cover the lack of sleep damage.
If you’re having these problems, it means you need elaborate and well-deserved self-care. In these times, self-heating eye masks could come in handy. 

Eye mask to help improve sleep cycle

What Are Eye Masks?

Eye Masks are typically made out of fabric materials such as cotton and polyester, mixed with creams and essence that are packed with beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. They are generally used to restore damages that several environmental factors such as light and dust have done to your eyes. 
The ingredients in eye masks could vary depending on their intended effects. Generally, eye masks are used to fix problems associated with tired and strained eyes caused by environmental factors and lack of sleep.


How the Eye Masks Work

Self-heating eye masks are one of the types of eye masks available in the market. This type of eye mask contains iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. Once opened, these components interact with oxygen, resulting in a heating and relaxing sensation around the eyes.
Self-heating eye masks are used to cover artificial light when sleeping, but their heating effects are especially great for relaxation and rejuvenation. 


Benefits of Using Them

Self-heating eye masks are an all-in-one self-care package for the eyes. Not only can it restore the damages of environmental factors done to your eyes, but it can also help you get better sleep. It also decreases puffiness, eye bags, and dark circles around the eyes. 
Self-heating eye masks are also usually packed in an easy-to-go pouch, ready to be used whenever needed. Gone are the days where you think you need to have elaborate equipment to get a spa-like treatment.


Choosing a Self-Heating Eye Mask

Self-heating eye masks come in all shapes and sizes. However, you must use the eye mask that best suits you. Just like any other product, not all self-heating eye masks are created equal.

The most important things that you should consider when buying self-heated eye masks are the ingredients, size, and material.



Self-heating eye masks are distinct from other eye masks because of their healing effects. That is why it is important to check if the ingredients required (i.e., iron powder) for it to heat up are present in the product.
It is also important to check if specific active ingredients are present in the product that are needed to address your specific problems. It would also be wise to check if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.



Self-heating eye masks are used for relaxation. This is exactly why you should use eye masks that perfectly fit your face. An ill-fitting eye mask could cause discomfort, defeating the purpose of applying it in the first place.
A perfect-sized eye mask could make the difference between feeling well-rested and feeling like you didn’t get any sleep at all. 



Finally, it is important to consider the material that the self-heating eye mask is made out of. For it to effectively block ambient and artificial light, it has to be made out of thick material. Eye masks that are made out of cheap materials are ineffective as they won’t keep that light completely out of your eyes.


Do They Really Work?

Self-heating eye masks are found to help relax the eyes and restore the damages done to them. The heating sensation of self-heating eye masks can help relax the entire body and help you fall asleep faster. 
When used regularly, these masks can relax strained eyes and aid in restoring a healthy sleeping schedule.


Getting Regular and Quality Sleep

Having enough and quality sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising regularly. Getting enough sleep helps your body recharge, so if you don’t get enough, it can drastically affect your day.
It is found that people who regularly get enough and quality sleep are generally healthier than those who do not. Sleep can help in producing normal amounts of hormones, which are essential in everything for all the processes inside the body.
Sleep deprivation can also cause an abnormal production of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. When a person is subject to constant stress, other negative effects could follow. It includes an increase in blood pressure and complications in the heart.


Tools to Help You Get Enough Sleep

One way to ensure that you get enough sleep is to have and follow a regular and consistent sleeping schedule. The body has a natural clock called the circadian rhythm, and it produces the sleeping hormone, melatonin, during nighttime when we’re supposed to sleep.
However, having a consistent sleeping schedule can be difficult, especially when your job or school load requires you to stay later in the evening. Utilize outside interventions. Several commercial tools could help you fix or restore your natural body clock. These products include melatonin and self-heated eye masks.


Are Self-Heating Eye Masks Needed?

Aside from their restorative effects, eye masks could also block any ambient and artificial light during sleep. Artificial light could disrupt the body’s internal clock, making it hard for the body to produce melatonin.
Lack of sleep can also result in strained eyes. You’ll know when this happens when you feel an itchy or burning sensation or when your eyes become watery or overly dry. Thus, self-heating eye masks not only helps in keeping your eyes healthy, but it also makes your entire body healthy as it saves you from the adverse effects of lack of sleep.

self-heating eye mask

Looking for Quality Self Heating Eye Masks?

Self-care can come in many forms; taking good care of your eyes and treating yourself on a good night’s sleep are just some of them. If you’re looking for products that could offer exactly just that, check out Reposé. We offer the tools that you need in addressing beauty concerns like eye bags and dark circles. What’s more, we can help with health concerns such as having regular quality sleep. Contact us today to learn more.