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Everything You Need to Know About ASMR

You’re no stranger to feeling like you just can’t get enough rest. Our minds wander, our phones distract and keep us up, working long hours, and trying to fit in time with friends and family all take a toll on our ability to get nourishing rest. Some self-care and self-soothing can help us destress, like bubble baths, and meditation. But there are some other ways, like sound therapy and ASMR, to solve those problems!

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is a kind of umbrella term of a wide range of therapy tehniques that can help people with different mental and physical ailments. These can be things like stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders. You’ve probably used sound therapy at some point without even knowing it.

Do you feel it’s easier to fall asleep when its raining or storming outside? Have you ever fallen asleep with the TV on? Or even put on rain sounds to fall asleep? sound therapy can be administered in the form of music or other sounds like speech or everyday sounds (think rain, nature, and other white noise sounds). These are all forms of sound therapy!

What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) plays into sound therapy. It is that kind of tingly, running electricity feeling you get from certain sounds or touches (usually from another person). There are a million different types of ASMR, which can be just audio or also videos. To some people, sand cutting videos are soothing, to others, whisper videos are more their speed.

Knowing which method of ASMR you’ll enjoy the most is really a matter of trial and error because everyone’s tastes are pretty unique. Some ASMR artists worth looking into are Gentle Whispering, Whispers Red, and Dong ASMR!

How to use ASMR for insomnia and stress relief?

So how does it work? It can be pretty simple! After finding which type of ASMR you like, you can listen/watch it after a long day, put an eye mask on, and play it while you take a soothing bath, or you can even set it as background noise while you fall asleep. ASMR and sound therapy are tools to help you destress, get some anxiety relief, physically relax, and help you fall asleep. You know your needs better than anyone, so experimenting with different ways of listening and when to listen will be the best process in finding how it’ll help you the best!

Next time you’re having trouble falling asleep or are stressed out of your mind, pop on an ASMR video and get to relaxing!

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