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How Eye Masks Help With Under Eye Bags

If you’ve noticed that one morning that your eyes are slightly puffier, there’s no need to fret – it’s usually not the cause of a health condition. Having eye bags is almost always a cosmetic issue and doesn’t impact your vision or overall health.

In order to treat eye bags and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, it’s important to first understand what they are and why you have them. If you’re looking for a reliable eye mask for tired eyes, we have the right item for your needs.

eye mask for tired eyes

What are Eye Bags?

Eye bags are simply the extra bit of older skin under your eyes. The older you get, the skin loses a bit of its natural elasticity and starts to sag. This skin forms the appearance of a “bag,” making the eye look puffier than normal.

You might see the following under your eyes when you look in the mirror:

  • Loose or saggy skin
  • Dark circles
  • Mild swelling

On top of this, any excess fluids in the body can also pool under this area and are typically more noticeable in the morning.  

Why They Form When You Get Older

Perhaps, the biggest reason for having eye bags or dark circles under your eyes is aging. This is totally normal.

When you age, the tissues around the eyes start to weaken, as well as some of the muscles supporting your eyes. While normal fat supports them, they can also move into the lower eyelids over time, causing them to appear puffier.

On top of this, there are other reasons why you might see bags under your eyes, such as the following:

  • Allergies – Certain allergies, especially ones that can cause congestion and inflammation.
  • High-salt diet – A diet with too much sodium causes your body to retain more water in order to dissolve sodium, which can lead to more swelling.
  • Adrenal deficiency – Too much stress, an unhealthy diet, or a lack of sleep and/or exercise can all be contributing factors to having eye bags.
  • Medications or medical conditions – Various types of stimulants can affect your sleep patterns, as well as long-term use of painkillers and antibiotics, which can also affect your digestion. These can all contribute to the development of eye bags.
  • Genetics – Family history can also play a big part in why you develop eye bags or dark circles. If one or more relatives have them, there’s a good chance you may develop eye bags as well.

How to Treat Eye Bags

The good news is there are ways to improve your appearance that don’t include eyelid surgery. These quick fixes can help in the short-term by reducing swelling throughout the day:

  • Caffeine – Caffeine constricts blood vessels, and many cosmetics sell eye creams with caffeine to reduce this puffiness. Chilled tea bags can also work by applying them under your eyes.
  • Cold compress – Reducing blood flow by applying an ice pack for a few minutes can work.
  • Hemorrhoid cream – Hemorrhoid creams can temporarily reduce swelling since they include ingredients that narrow blood vessels. When using them, be sure not to get them in your eyes.

Certain changes in your habits can also reduce the instances of eye bags in the morning too, such as the following:

  • Adequate sleep – The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours every night.
  • Hydrating – Roughly seven to eight glasses of water a day is more than enough to keep yourself, and more importantly, your skin, sufficiently hydrated.
  • Preventing allergies – Allergies can exacerbate eye bags, and certain prescription or over-the-counter medications can help with this, as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Quitting smoking – Be sure to make every effort to quit if you are. Quitting the habit is not only good for your health overall, but also greatly slows down collagen loss.

Aside from these, you can also use an eye mask to not only reduce swelling but make you look more well-rested.

How Eye Masks Can Help

Eye masks can do a lot to improve the skin under your eyes. They do this by infusing these ingredients into your skin and can be more effective than other methods because of their higher concentration.

Because there is only so much that a concealer can hide, you might want to consider eye masks on top of applying them for your daily routine.

There are various types of eye masks in the market that have different ingredients specifically made for rejuvenating that are under your eyes. They typically have these three main ingredients to give you a more refreshed, youthful-looking appearance throughout the day:

  • Vitamin E – A beneficial antioxidant that protects your eyes against free radicals
  • Niacinamide – This ingredient is a safe way to brighten dark circles and is present in many eye creams
  • Hyaluronic acid – Overall good for your skin and is especially effective when paired with the other two ingredients for reducing dark circles and eye bags

Currently, many popular eye masks use collagen, which can be applied directly under eyelids. They only stay on for about 20 minutes, and the results speak for themselves. The ideal frequency is about one to three times per week.

Be sure to apply them without any make-up on for maximum effect. You can even pair them with eye cream to ensure that moisture is locked in and that skin under your eyes retains its tightness.

So whether you’re exhausted or have dehydrated skin, having an eye mask is a great addition to your morning routine to keep those dark circles and sagging skin at bay.

Sometimes, even when you sleep a full six to eight hours at night, you still feel restless when waking up. Another thing to do aside from eye masks is taking some melatonin gummies to help you sleep better.

eye mask for tired eyes

Are You In Need Of An Eye Mask For Tired Eyes?

Most eye bags don’t require medical care. You should only see your doctor if the swelling becomes severe or painful.

If you experience these signs, your doctor will typically refer you to an eye specialist (opthalmologist) or a plastic surgeon who specializes in eyes. But if you’re looking for an eye mask for tired eyes, Reposé is here to help.