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How a Blue Light Blocking Eye Mask Helps You Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags could be a common thing, but you don’t always have to stick with what’s ordinary. These dark circles under your eyes may not be fatal, but they can lead you to unlikely circumstances. Including a blue light blocking eye mask in your self-care products wouldn’t hurt that much, for sure.  

Just imagine being tagged older than your real age only because you have dark circles under your eyes. These can affect your physical appearance, which can later have an affect on your emotions and how you feel about yourself. When these get worse, they will be harder to remove and get rid of. 

There are a few factors that cause these dark circles to form and we’ve outlined them here to get you started.  

blue light blocking eye maskWhat Causes Under Eye Circles? 

Eye strain 

Long exposure to gadgets and television causes significant eye strain. This strain leads to the enlargement of blood vessels around your eyes. As a result, you get dark skin under your eyes. Always ensure to moderate your time in front of your computer, or any screen. 


Your body releases a response to harmful bacteria through histamines when you have allergies. Little did you know that these can also trigger dark under eye circles. You may have noticed that your allergies increase your urge to scratch and rub the itchy part of your body or your face. When you do this around your eyes, it can lead to more severe allergy symptoms, and ultimately, dark under eye shadows. 


Just like any part of your skin, your under eye gets dull if you don’t intake enough liquid. This also causes your eyes to look sunken and lifeless. You may be worth your time to research all the wonders water can do to your body. Everywhere you go, don’t forget to grab your water! 

Sun overexposure 

Too much sun exposure causes your body to produce excess melanin – the pigment providing your skin with color. Getting too much sun, especially for your eyes, causes pigmentation in the surrounding skin. This also leads to darkening of the skin under your eye. 

Smoking and too much alcohol consumption 

According to O’Keefe, smoking and drinking too much alcohol dehydrates your skin, leading to dark circles under your eyes. When you consume alcohol, your blood vessels dilate, making your shadows more prominent. In addition, carbon monoxide from cigarettes deprives your skin of oxygen, making it appear darker.  

Insufficient sleep 

It is common knowledge that when you don’t get enough sleep, you will wake up cranky and with less energy. Looking in front of the mirror with your dark under eye circles isn’t always a good way to start your day. To avoid getting eye bags, make sure to get enough sleep. 

But what if you find it hard to sleep? There are a variety of methods, both natural and medically prescribed, that you can choose from to reduce your dark under eye circles. You just need to choose the right one to will suit your lifestyle.  

One remedy we can recommend is the use of blue light blocking eye masks. There could be a lot of sleeping eye masks to choose from but having something that helps block blue light is a different story. Let us tell you why. 


Benefits of a Blue Light Blocking Eye Mask 

Blocks out light  

Not everyone can sleep when the sun is still up. Your work may require you to report at night and sleep during the day, so this could be a problem to you. Using light blocking eye masks help block out light and tell your body’s it’s time to sleep. These masks grant you total darkness, whatever time of the day you choose to sleep. 

Protects your skin and prevents puffiness 

Some eye masks also address morning problems such as bags or puffiness around your eyes as you wake up. There are eye masks that use innovative technology to go the extra mile and fight against puffy eyes. This could happen when you don’t get enough sleep, so using an eye mask might do the trick. 

Perfect for travel 

When your lifestyle requires you to travel and be in different places, an eye mask will quickly become one of your best friends! You can’t always expect to have a perfectly darkened or lit room everywhere. Having a sleeping mask handy will definitely be of great help when it comes to getting a good night of sleep. 


How to Choose the Right Eye Mask for You? 

Again, there are a lot of varieties to choose from. When looking for a great eye mask for your needs, you might want to check Repose’s sleeping eye masks and other sleeping products. We offer all the products you need to get better sleep. You can choose from gummies to essential oils, to eye masks! 

When looking for an eye mask, you might want to consider the following: 

  • Shape – eye masks differ from one shape to another. Look at the available ones and see which best fits the shape of your face.
  • Material – sleeping masks also differ in the material used. You should look for masks that has contain iron powder, activated carbon, and salt.  
  • Weight – masks should be lightweight and easy to store. Look for eye masks that are easy to use and are perfect for travelling. 

blue light blocking eye maskDo you still find it hard to look for high-quality blue light blocking eye mask? 

Our eye masks have gained positive reviews from all our customers! We care about your overall health and promote good sleep because, well you deserve it. Repose is not just like any other self-care brand.  

Here at Repose, we take pride in ensuring the quality of our products. We understand how valuable sleep is and how everyone deserves to be fully rested. Our team commits to making self-care simple and easy.  

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